Funded Projects


Bonito, Gregory

Synthesis of 10-years of wheat-maize-soybean microbiome research under different agricultural production systems

Caputo, Vincenzina

Predicting Changes in Consumer Food Choices

Cassida, Kimberly

Intercropping Alfalfa and Corn Silage to Build Soil Health

Chaudhari, Sushila

Pigweed management with indaziflam, and effect on rye-cover crop establishment and asparagus

Chilvers, Martin

Uncovering the Diversity of Molecular Mechanisms that Determine Pythium Crop Host Recognition

Chilvers, Martin

Extension and demonstration for management of tar spot in corn silage

Chilvers, Martin

Epidemiology approaches for improved management of tar spot in Michigan

Dong, Younsuk

Optimizing Irrigation Management using Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and Field Sensors

Dowtin, Asia

Tree Work 101: Expanding An Accessible Training Program to Increase Capacity in Michigan’s Arboriculture Workforce

Fernandez, Tom

Engineered Substrates and Irrigation Management to Improve Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Water Retention in Nursery Container Production

Fleming, Margaret

Bringing the Beal seed experiment into the modern era

Hausbeck, Mary

Squash and Pumpkin Growers Seek Relief from Crown and Fruit Rot

Hollender, Courtney

The biological mechanism behind early and late apple sports

Isaacs, Rufus

Training program on sampling berries for SWD to improve blueberry IPM

Isaacs, Rufus

Uncovering the impacts of extreme heat on blueberry pollen nutrition and bee behavior and development

Isaacs, Rufus

Testing a promising new biocontrol agent for spotted-wing drosophila in Michigan

Ko, Dae Kwan

Accessing the impact of abiotic stress on activities of cis-regulatory sequences in sorghum at single-cell resolution

Lavely, Emily

Demonstrating Tree Fruit Planar Training System Innovations That Facilitate Labor Efficiencies


and New Orchard Technologies

Lopez, Roberto

Using Greenhouse Lighting to Limit Losses from Downy Mildew on Impatiens Bedding Plants

Mayhew, Emily

Modeling the Impact of Volatile Composition on Perceived Sweetness

Miesel, Jessica

Integrating biochar into best agricultural practices for soil health in corn-soybean systems

Miles, Timothy

Integrated monitoring of fungicide resistance through adaptive spore trapping in vineyards

Miles, Timothy

Communicating new disease management strategies to Michigan Hop Growers

Nasrollahiazar, Esmaeil

Monitoring statewide grapevine cold hardiness evaluations in order to develop the Michigan Grapevine Cold Hardiness Model

Patterson, Eric

Developing new assays for rapid herbicide resistance diagnostics

Rouached, Hatem

Improving nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiency in dry bean through the investigation of their homeostatic interactions

Saha, Debalina

Competitive Effects of Weeds on Container-grown Ornamental Plants

Sakalidis, Monique

Alternatives to mechanical root disruption in the management of oak wilt: An assessment of chemical root disruption and prophylactic treatments

Singh, Maninderpal

Development of a web-based predictive tool for corn kernel drydown and profit maximization

Sundin, George

Determination of the most effective management techniques for apple fruit rots (bitter rot and black rot)

Szendrei, Zsofia

Onion thrips and foliar disease management in commercial onions in Michigan

Szendrei, Zsofia

Enviroweather degree day model for the Colorado potato beetle in Michigan

Szucs, Marianna

Predicting the effectiveness of spotted wing drosophila biocontrol across space and time

Warner, Ryan

Leveraging genetics to improve energy efficiency of greenhouse crop production.

Werling, Benjamin

LOL: Helping growers control cabbage maggot leaving out Lorsban

Werner, Sarah

Evaluating a role for the soybean root microbiome in nutrient uptake

Willbur, Jaime

Early-season fungicide resistance monitoring for foliar sugar beet pathogens

Wilson, Julianna

Evaluating the Samba Wasp as a Promising New Biocontrol Agent for Spotted Wing Drosophila in Michigan Cherries