• 2022 Michigan 4-H Skillathon Contest Results

    Published on April 12, 2022
    2022 results for the Michigan 4-H Skillathon

  • Show Rules & Regulations

    Published on April 1, 2022
    The 4-H horse and pony project uniform rules are written to standardize the judging and evaluation of 4-H horse shows across Michigan and the State 4-H Horse Show.

  • Michigan 4-H Risk Management Checklist for Winter Activities

    Published on March 30, 2022
    This checklist is intended to support 4-H volunteers when groups are planning to engage in winter activities such as: skiing, snowboarding, tubing, hockey, ice skating, ice fishing, snowshoeing, sledding, winter biking and more.

  • 4-H Exploration Days Handbook

    Published on March 1, 2022
    This document details the Michigan 4-H Code of Conduct as well as all of the policies and procedures for 4-H Exploration Days.

  • Developing Civically Engaged Leaders

    Published on February 2, 2022
    Thousands of Michigan youth build a commitment to civic service, cultivate the capacity to lead in a multicultural world and develop skills to positively contribute to their communities, country and world.

  • Building Science Literacy & Future STEM Professionals

    Published on February 2, 2022
    To help create a future workforce excited about STEM careers and armed with important STEM skills, MSU Extension has made science education a key focus of its 4-H Youth Development programming.

  • Helping Create A Solid Foundation For Children

    Published on February 2, 2022
    MSU Extension’s early childhood development programs support families with young children by helping parents and caregivers increase early childhood science, math and pre-literacy skills, and enhance children’s social and emotional development.

  • Preparing Youth for Future Careers

    Published on February 2, 2022
    Michigan State University Extension offers 4-H Youth Development programs that assist youth in preparing for and finding gainful employment and educational opportunities.

  • Michigan 4-H Overnight Housing Permission Form

    Published on January 1, 2022
    Before a child goes on any overnight 4-H activity, their parent or guardian must sign the Michigan 4-H Overnight Housing Permission Form. If a parent or guardian does not sign and submit this form, the child will not be able to take part in the activity.

  • Michigan 4-H Field Trip & Activities Permission Form

    Published on January 1, 2022
    This form is recommended for 4-H volunteers and staff to use when taking youth on field trips.